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I have developed many different ways to create wealth in my life. I have managed to take everything I know about real estate & flipping homes and created software to help you utilize my strategies & resources to create your own success!



Want to meet up & talk? Click the link below to get started. Whether it’s a business proposal, or you just need some guidance professionally or personally… I am always willing to meet up & talk. Click below to see my availability.


F*ck Average, BE LEGENDARY: Podcast

I Am Josh Galindo - Josh Speaking

F*ck Average, BE LEGENDARY: Podcast Coming Soon!

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Change Your Mindset


Make Intelligent Decisions


Save Your Money


Invest Intelligently


Enjoy Your Life


I Am Josh Galindo - Why

What is your “why”? I have found my “why” through self reflection, self realization, amazing mentors & many many MANY life lessons. You can discover your “why” utilizing my website & content throughout my social media channels. I am here to provide guidance both professionally & personally. Think of me as your online mentor.


Throughout the site you will find ways to join my tribe & ways to sign up to utilize my tools & software I personally use in my day to day real estate operations (Very valuable programs that can revolutionize your real estate/flipping operations). I will provide you with monthly updates to my system & life lessons I discover, as I am still learning today & motivational content. This is a family, so welcome to my family!


Some might call it “being an asshole” others might call it “inspiring” whatever it is called… I GET IT DONE! We are all made of the same skin & bones, it is all about how bad do you want it! I am a self made multi-millionaire, I own a vast rental portfolio that stretches across the United States & I represent the top 1% in all of Clark County Real Estate.

“The only way that something won’t work is if you quit. Stop overthinking & start doing!”

Balance is crucial to success. Crucial to yourself & others around you. I have a very well balanced life from my morning gym routine, to coaching my two of my kid’s soccer games every weekend. I have 4 children who I am blessed to be able to provide everything for & an incredible wife. Her intense determination & willingness to sacrifice what few are willing to allowed her to recently successfully overcome a grim cancer diagnosis. We are proud to say she is cancer free today. My family is everything to me & also MY WHY! Start with finding out WHY you want success, put your head down & start working!


Have a quick question? Need a quick answer? Ask about real estate, personal advice, or even ask me for a joke. This is the spot. Ask me any question, leave your Instagram profile name, & I’ll respond on my personal story. (@IAmJoshGalindo)

I Am Josh Galindo - Questions



I started my career in real estate in 2005, when I was just 20 years old. Surrounded by some of the most successful businessmen in the South West, I soaked up tons of life changing information that I can;t wait to share with you all.


After the recession, being faced with losing everything I have worked so hard for, I became a ``real estate agent``. In 2009 I manifested an opportunity to start flipping homes & have never looked back since!


Another milestone in my successful career was the moment I purchase my first rental property. Since that time I have built my vast rental portfolio that stretches across the US & includes commercial property.



Josh Galindo Part 1: From Rebellious Teen to Disciplined, Hard-working Real Estate Titan

As a troubled teen, Josh Galindo was kidnapped in the middle of the night and sent to a Mexican youth rehabilitation camp that would change his life forever. He would use these harrowing life experiences and learned values for the good and eventfully turn his life around to become a Scrappy Entrepreneur now running one of the most successful house-flipping businesses in Las Vegas.

Josh Galindo: #1 Vegas Cash Buyer & House Flipper

HGTV’s Bet the House star, Josh Galindo, joins the show to talk about his come up journey to becoming one of the top Vegas cash buyers and flippers. Josh speaks on the importance of floor plans and working with quality materials as pillars for success in the house flipping industry. With the current lead times on getting ANY materials, Josh provides good insight on a few tips and tricks on how to get ahead of your material procurement. Josh also dives in to a bit of his personal life discussing his wife’s recent successful bout with cancer and how that changed his perspective on life.

Josh Galindo: He owns how many rentals?

Are you interested in Real Estate investing? Do you want to learn how to flip houses and buy rental properties? On The Boeckle Brothers’ Youtube channel, we cover all aspects of Real Estate investing.We deep dive into buying properties from the MLS even if you’re not a realtor or don’t have a real estate agent. We also buy properties wholesale from other investors who are marketing direct to sellers and sell homes for wholesale fees.


I’m currently in the software developmental stage of a series of online apps that will transform you flipping experience. I’ve managed to take what makes me a successful home flipping and translate into an easy to use series of apps. Everything from finding deals, all phases of construction, and actually selling the home. Sign up now to be the first to know when this is available.